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Free Website …. We have all seen the adds.  The truth is you get what you pay for.  Free offers always come with a catch.

I will build you a Basic Website that looks similar to this one for $250.  

No strings!


Look at me!

Your site will be hosted (will live) on your Internet site and will be completely under your control.  You will only pay once the job is complete and you are 100% satisfied.  

You can pull out at any time without penalty (and come back again at a time of your choosing) and at the end of the job you will get a copy of the source code.

Rod Caldwell

This site is an example of what I can do for you ….

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Click on the “Books” to link to an external Website containing my published works. (e.g. this could be your suppliers Website?)  Look in “Features” for other examples of what I can do for you.